Million Kopek is french/ukrainian band, created by Anthony Giraud and Yury Khustochka, in Paris. After couple of years of creative works in the studio, the band begun to play live shows.

“Million Kopek compare slightly to fellow French electronic duo Air. They alternate between intoxicating exotic soundscapes and tightly constructed pop maneuvers with a lush stylistic edge. Million Kopek gravitate more toward the rock spectrum, with a track like “Tous les humains” incorporating natural rhythmic elements over electronic flourishes. It alternates between moments of bass-led sparseness and elaborate expansion, the former propelled by a subtle whirring synth. The chorus, where the vocals lead with “tous les humains”, is an utterly infectious stride of spacey elegance. The contrast between verse-chorus provides an excellent adventure, an unpredictably enjoyable showing from a French duo with tons of potential.”

© Mike Mineo



On the stage Million Kopek is:

Marina Voznyuk
Responsible of the Piano/keyboards/synthesizers
Hélène Abdéni
Responsible of the live video projection  and illustrations

Raphael Otchakowski/ otchak
Responsible of the rythme, drums and the high voices
Raph - Version 2
Anthon Giraud/Archiduc
Responsible of the music, guitar, the computer,  programming and Facebook))
Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.25.04
Yura Khustochka
responsible of the music, singing, lyric, the bass this site, etc…
P1000219 - Version 2

And all together we are responsible of the music, vibes and ecology..)),