Welcome To My Shadow

Out the 27 of July 2018


  The two singles reunited under the name “welcome to my shadow” is out now. You can enjoy it by clicking  the most convenient link for you below.


This is the summer music and we are very glad to release it now, when outside is so hot.

For the release of Welcome to My Shadow & We Make  Love we have partnered with Editions Dargent, publishing company, consulting and label.

 We would like to thank people who helped us in this long way of construction and finalising those two kiddos of us.

Lara Ruiz Scheidt, Noemie Brosset,  Hélène Abdéni,  Andrey Nadolsky, Marina Voznyuk, Raphael Otchakowsky, Svyatoslav Ponomarev, Vladimir Neskovic, Alexandra Parrish, Adrien Dargent, Louis Ronan Choisy, Florent Schmidt – thank you very much!!!

Artwork © Hélène Abdéni

Photo © Florent Schmidt